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​Notes from Coimbatore Medical College #2

Guys maintaining social relationships with girls, but at the same time talking obscene things about them behind their back, with such a vulgarity that when you hear it, you decide to tear your ears off A guy maintaining friendship with... Continue Reading →


​In the abyss called ‘Dream’

Give me everything Inbetween my dreams Happiness Sorrow Tears Laughter Ecstasy Shame Hatred Love Whatever it may be Give them to me Inbetween my dreams In my dreams I will be climbing the greatest mountains Crossing solemn seas Floating over... Continue Reading →


Written by :Leena Manimekalai Translated by :Arun Ram Prasanth Here, The guy sitting infront of me Tells me that I'm beautiful He tells me That he wants to see his world through my eyes And relish it He swears to... Continue Reading →

About being someone who understands

Written by :Manushya Puthiran Translated by :Arun Prasanth The person who understands everything Has only the last seat reserved for him In every play The person who understands everything Announces his defeat happily At the end of every argument The... Continue Reading →

A Conversation

"What makes you high?" "Weed" "Huh, ok" "What?.. what is it for you?" "Just stories, places, people and some more" "You read too many books i guess" "Haha, maybe" "So tell me about your experience in Mecca" "In one word,... Continue Reading →

​Interpretation of the climax scene of ‘Inception’

This was my comment on a post by Prabhu Versioni. To read that post, click on this link: Inception -A discussion First of all, trivias: Take a look at these Paprika (2006) Abres los ojos (1997) Then about the climax... Continue Reading →

Some random shit

"Fuck. This has been a riot", she screamed at the top of her voice. And I lay in front of her with my hardness inside her, my face cyanotic, veins bulging, with a kind of ecstatic calmness in my eyes.... Continue Reading →

Notes from Coimbatore Medical College #1

Once thought that Feminism, Anti-Casteism and things like that are all old fashioned talks, that we have transcended all these trivialities long back, atleast in the big cities of our country. But after hearing some things from my friend, it... Continue Reading →

My dreams #1

Flashes of symbolic images like in the title card of 'El Topo' "End of the Universe" as i told my friend and started witnessing the grand event. It was warm at first, a big flash of orange fire and our... Continue Reading →

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