Memoirs from the past

It all comes to me now
Reality is hard hitting
Here I am, looking at you
Bound by the shackles of time
You are at the horizon
And I am aboard the Magellan’s ship
Riding round and round the world
Still unable to get to you, to hold your hands
There was a time when I gave you my everything
We were ‘Us’. Now we are just ‘You and Me’
Trying to escape from this constant plight
I remember the days when we were constantly making love
You were on me and then I was on you
It was a war zone where Love is the ultimate weapon
We were two contrasting colors
Merging at the tip of Picasso’s brush
Even Da Vinci would have loved to paint us
That’s how artistic and how aesthetic our love was
They are just fading memories now
The cave of forgotten dreams
Why did I see you after all these years?!
Now I know what it means and how it feels
To experience the pain of a healed scar.