[An article written by me for the Capsule(Our college magazine) Souvenir which talks about the Golden jubilee celebrations of our college]


Disclaimer: Please dont read this article. It is an utter nonsense with a pathetic choice of words. I’m pretty sure that this will be a waste of your ‘Valuable’ time. Still, if you are continuing reading, be careful enough to have medication for headache by your side. Anyways, they are not gonna publish this in the Souvenir, so I’m putting it up in my blog. And I have no intention of hurting anybody (body, mind and soul) via this article. So, if by mistake anybody gets hurt (which I’m sure will happen), I apologise for it, humbly.

It all started with this, When there was an UFO sighting in the sky above the area where presently our college is situated. 


Isn’t that a catchy beginning for this otherwise boring piece of writing, My writing, about the rich heritage of our prestigious institution, Coimbatore Medical College. Or so I say. And since absolutely zero number of people are gonna read this article, I think I can write whatever I wanna write. I was told to write whole two pages, but as there is nothing to write that much about this topic, I’m just filling the pages with the above mentioned words.

Anyways, enough, I think we can Now come to our topic.  The Coimbatore Medical College was first initiated as Coimbatore Medical School in 1914 (when the first world war began) in the place where the present History department of Government Arts College, Coimbatore is located. The now existing CMC building was built and named as Coimbatore Medical College in the year  1966. By then, its intake was just 50 students. Then in 1968, its intake increased by another 50, in 1983 it was 110 and in 2004, it came to the present strength of 150 intakes per year. It was affiliated to Madras University from 1966 to January 1982, to Bharathiyar University till June 1988. Then, in 1988 it came under TamilNadu Dr.MGR Medical University. From then on many developments were made till the Library building (with Internet connection???!!!) and the new hostel campus was built in 2015.

See, I told you right? That’s all there is to it. Then how can they expect me to write more? Again, im just filling pages with the above mentioned words. Thank you for wasting your time.

Brain Freeeeeezzzzzeeeeeee,,,,,,