The Sharingan and Alternate Realities


One fine spring day a disciple looked at some branches blowing in the wind. He asked his master, “Master, are the branches moving or is it the wind?” Not even glancing to where his pupil was pointing the master smiled and said, “That which moves is neither the branches nor the wind. It’s your heart and mind.”

I’m going to begin this article with a small story which is ‘highly connected’ to the concept that follows. At the end, not everyone would accept the theory that I’m gonna propose now. That’s ok. Understanding my Perspective requires some special criteria. Those who have the power of intense visualisation can Visualise, those who have a strong imagination, Imagine and those who are high on alcohol or weed, Hallucinate everything that I’m gonna tell from now on. And the others? Just go home, enter your bedroom, look around, make sure you’re alone and………..well, fuck yourselves.


Story begins:

As Kakashi is running towards Itachi with a knife in his hands, suddenly he sees Itachi’s eyes. It is different than before. The color and the pattern of the iris has now changed. Mangekyou Sharingan. On seeing this, the terrified Kakashi tries to stop looking into his bloodthirsty eyes, but before that he falls into a different dimension. Everything is black and red here. Like the color of blood itself. He tries to move his body but he couldn’t. Now, in that new reality Kakashi sees Itachi walking towards him with a deadly calmness. He takes out his sword and stabs him. Kakashi could feel the nerve wrecking pain and he cries out in horror. But after a second he sees that the stab wound has disappeared. Now Itachi stabs him again. And again and again and again. He continues doing this for about 72 hours. After this episode of brutality, Kakashi returns to the actual reality and he could see that just 1 second has passed in the real world. All these 72 hours within a second. Though his consciousness comes to the real world, he still feels the overwhelming pain and falls down into a coma.

Sharingan is a special ocular ability of the members of a clan of people called the Uchihas. It can detect a person’s movements, analyse them and calculate ways to defend them, sometimes even before the person performs a particular movement. It can also create hallucinations in the minds of an opponent, so that the Uchihas could confuse them and in a way, control their actions. All this just by making the opponent look into their eyes. And how exactly do you think these hallucinations are created? By altering the Perceptions of one or more of the 5 senses of the opponent. An Uchiha could make anyone see what he wants them to see, feel what he wants them to feel, smell, taste and so on.


Above all this, there’s an evolved form of Sharingan called the Mangekyou Sharingan, which can only be attained by an Uchiha, if he sees the death of a person very close to him like his parent, sibling, friend or a lover. Some Uchihas kill their close ones themselves to obtain this incomparable vision. What power does it offer? While using Sharingan, you can create hallucinations, using Mangekyou you can create you own dimension in the mind of an opponent, where space and time are under your control. All this just by altering his perception.

End of story.

Of course all the things said above are just fiction. You can watch them in the Japanese Anime ‘Naruto’. Now, you may think that I’ve been wasting your time till now. Absolutely not. All those stories are just to make you understand the significance of the word ‘Perception’. Perception is the input you receive from the environment you are living in. Sensation, feelings and things like that. It may also be defined as your ‘Point of View’, your definition of things around you.


How can you define ‘Reality’. You can see things around you, feel things, smell, taste and hear them. All those things that you perceive constitute your reality. But what about a blind person? Does he have a defective perception of reality? A normal person would say ‘yes’. Because people before us have analysed things and standardised a ‘Common Reality’ which everyone accepts. The reality of the majority. Persons who aren’t able to perceive that Standard Reality (blind, anosmic persons etc.) or having a defective perception such as a ‘schizophrenic’ are considered ‘Disabled’. A normal person’s definition of Reality.

But as you know already, the ThinkNirvanas are not normal. We say otherwise. For a moment, let’s forget the Standardised Reality that mankind has established. Each and every one of us has a separate reality on a perception level. The so called Disabled people’s perception cannot be considered defective. In a blind person’s reality, everything is black and in an anosmic person’s reality, there is no such thing calĺed smell at all. But what about the people who can well perceive the Standardised Reality? Do all of them share a common reality? Nope. Everyone of us has a distinct character and a different understanding of things around us. Thus all those things mean differently to each one of us. Since Reality is largely based on our Perception, it can be said that every single person on this planet has a separate reality.


Now, what are ‘Parellel Universes’? Universes that have the same constituents but separated from each other by a single chaotic event are called Parellel Universes. But this concept is just on a theoretical level, mostly like Science Fiction. Let’s try to make it seem like more than ‘just a fiction’. Since everything around a person is constructed largely based upon the ‘understanding’ of those things by that person, we can easily say that each one of us has constructed our Own Separate Universe. Every person exists in the center of his/her own universe. Thus, now we have Parellel Universes that are actually existing. On a perception level though.

Now we can easily get the answer for an age old question-‘What/Who am I?’. Simple. You are Your Definition of Yourself.

So next time dont go around telling a person that he is mad just because he could see a person/thing that most people cannot see. In his reality that person/thing exists and that is all that matters. A real disabled person is one who doesn’t have a unique perspective and just follows what is fed into him/her by others.


Now read the first paragraph again.


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