Amour (or) Why Nicholas Sparks, Cecelia Ahern and Stephenie Meyer should die

It was night time, after the whole town went to sleep. A lavish house with a beautiful interior. Suddenly the owner of the house feels the presence of someone else in his house. He comes out of the bedroom leaving his beautiful young wife in bed. He slowly tip-toes the whole house looking for the intruder. But all he found was Silence. An eerie silence. Convinced that noone is there he returns to his bed, and tells his wife about his apparent delusion. After a while, after he falls asleep, his wife, the girl, now comes out and searches the mystery man, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then as if she knows how to see him, she goes and stands in front of a mirror. A young man is seen behind her in the mirror, with a smile on his face, as if he were a ghost. She smiles back. The husband unable to find his wife beside him in bed now comes out where he sees his wife standing, smiling alone in front of the mirror.
“What are you doing here alone in midnight?”, he asks
She is quiet for a while and then smiles and says “I love you”
He is stunned for a moment and then turns back to see if someone else is behind him, because he knows that his wife doesn’t love him. But as noone is there except the two, he becomes really happy and hugs her.
Now the ghost, comes and kisses her and she kisses him back.

Surprisingly, these are the only words said by the girl to his lover, the ghost, in the whole movie. One of the greatest Love stories of all time, (Note: ‘Love’, not ‘Romance’) it leaves a deep impact in our hearts and makes us redefine our definition of love.


From the day man was born, he had a feeling of ‘self’. He hunted for himself. He created shelter for himself. He protected himself and so on. But after a few dozen decades, he learnt that the probability of survival is more when you have company, like when you live among a group. Thus humans gathered and started living together. Each one of them was skilled in some work. So they divided their work among themselves. Thus society was born. The strongest went to hunt for food while the weak stayed back and helped with domestic work. Naturally men are stronger and women are the weaklings. Man had to take care of women so that she could reciprocate the same. This ‘symbiosis’ manifested itself, grew stronger, evolved and evolved and now, at present, it is called ‘Love’. Because of love man grew beyond the feeling of ‘self’, which is an attribute of lesser mortals, and started living for others and also himself. Even more, some sacrifice their own lives for the sake of others. This is were he surpasses the line between ‘mere mortals’ and ‘humans’

Love. Most of us love someone or the other without really knowing what it means. It is not just about affection, care, possessiveness, sex and having kids. Love, like Hope, is a primordial emotion. It is an energy, like music it exists, flows, gains energy, loses energy, and ceases to exist. It is like the four fundamental forces of the universe. We cannot see it, yet we can feel it and it causes its effect on us. It makes us crazy and euphoric, depressed and destructive, positive and constructive and much much more. Dont you think that its too much power for a simple emotion.


You may argue that scientifically, Love, like all the human emotions, is the result of the activity of a few neurons in some or the other part of the brain. That its all about hormones and neurotransmitters. Let them be true or untrue. But if you think that way, our whole life would seem mechanical and boring. So just throw away all those scientific bullshit and relish the uncertainty of life, the beauty of it.

Sometimes we never know why we fall in love with someone. Is it because of the care and affection she showed you? Is it because of the confidence and trust he offered you that it led you to tell him your deepest secrets? Is it because of her beauty? Is it because of his intelligence? Is it because he/she is filled with life force, with a vibrant aura? People have different reasons.


It is easy for a guy to fall in love with a girl than the vice versa. But how does a girl fall in love? Every girl no matter how strong minded or self conscious she may be, however cold and emotionless she may seem, she has a core of femininity inside her. Every single one of them. The level of concealment of that core varies in different women. But if you learn to touch that core of feminineness, her love for you is born.

Sadly the present day’s definition of love is reduced to talking shit on phone for hours everyday, chatting indefinitely day and night, going out on dates and tours to fancy places, daydreaming and fantasising about your lover, having sex often and some more.


Commitment, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationship, casual sex. Fuck all those words which are just false modern age projections of the word ‘Love’. Sophisticated bullshit. Why do you need to get committed? First of all what does that word mean? Are you reserving a train ticket? It resembles a stupid sense of security. A sense of possession. As discussed in the previous article, he/she is not your toy for you to have and play with. He/she is not exclusive in every way for u. If you love someone, you connect with them, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. A bond between the souls.

Love is just a simple feeling. It comes and goes. Sometimes it stays for a little while. Sometimes it stays longer, even unto death. Is love successful only when you get the guy/girl to marry you, have sex with you, have kids with you? No. In a sense, you can never say that a love is successful/failure. Its just an emotion that you feel towards another person. Whether you get that person or not, it remains the same.


It doesn’t matter whether the person you love is committed or married. If you love, you just love. Thats all to it. No human being is another human being’s property. All those commitment and marriage shits are just for the sake of our society. Marriages have different meaning, on a whole new level. But in our society, its just like some animals drawing their territory with their urine, implying ‘This is my territory, noone else should enter her(e)’. Its like the word ‘marriage’ has lost its purpose.

Likewise, just having sex with someone doesn’t mean that they are your lover. It just means that he/she is your sex buddy. Sex and love making can never be the same thing. It doesn’t matter whether the person you love is having sex with you or not. It doesn’t matter even if she is a sex worker. Even if she has had sex with other people before, when you both unite, if u can feel the rainbow of emotions flowing in between you two, if you can connect your souls, then it means that she is in love only with you.
Ergo, she is YOUR lover


A life without love is as lifeless as u feel when you live in a barren desert. So just throw away all your predispositions, prejudices, inhibitions, hesitations and whatever the hell that is preventing you from loving. Go out, search your partner, find them and love them. Afterall its just one life we have.

So Love limitlessly!!

P.S: If you want to experience the untamed version of love watch this movie. The depiction is awfully close to its painful reality. The beautiful interplay of emotions binds you completely to it and renders you speechless for a long time after watching the movie.


The list of other movies you must see to know, understand and feel love
(My favourites)
1.3 iron
2.The isle
3.21 grams
4.Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
5.Mayakkam Enna


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