Killing the Dictators


‘The class was good, but too bad it ended soon, I wish it had gone on a little longer” said a guy who was sitting beside me in class.
“What the fuck you just said” asked the angry me,”it feels like I have been sitting here for about half a decade”

What is time?
Is it the one that goes tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock inside your clock?
Is it the one that makes you run to your office or class?
Is it the one that makes you worried about a waiting girlfriend?
Or is it the one that makes you feel ashamed because of finishing so quick while having sex?


Atleast once in your life, you must have wondered about how time appears as a variable for each one of us. Well, what you are wondering is right!! Time, actually, moves differently for different people at different times. Remember Einstein’s quote?

 ‘If you are with a pretty girl, an hour may seem like a minute, if you are sitting on a hot stove, a minute may seem like an hour’

Absolutely fucking possible

You may think “then why do we have a clock to measure time, if the ‘constant’ unit of time is actually a variable?”
Well, that was/is to maintain a certain amount of order in this ‘then’ apparently chaotic world. The nature of human mind is to seek a certain amount of order in everything. Thats why when the sun seemed to come out and go off ‘regularly’, when the appearance of the moon showed a particular pattern and the seasons seemed to change in a fair state of order, ‘regularity’ took the form of time and the clock and calender were invented.

Now, coming to our topic, if time is not a constant,then what actually is constant? How can we explain all this chaos? What is fundamental? The answer to all these questions is a single word.


What is causality?
Forget everything that you know and ever learned about time till now.
Anything that happens to us, whether physical or mental, anything that disturbs our very existence and creates an effect in us, is called causality. Our Time actually flows along with us. So the nature and intensity of the disturbance and our perception of that disturbance (the effect that it causes on us) actually determines the flow of time. Since each of us have a different perception of everything, which is obvious, time flows differently for each one of us.


Time travel. One of the many fantasies of millions of people. To explore the possibilities lying ahead.
From simple curiosities like
-Whom will your girlfriend marry?
What is your school crush doing?
Who’s sucking whose dick?
Which country is the world’s new superpower?
To complex questions like
-How will the world be in the future?
Or will there be a world at all?
How much would the fashion sense of people change?
Will people become more civilized or will they be eating other other?
What will morality mean to these people? What will be the new world ethics?

To know the answers for all these questions, we have to travel in time.
But how can we travel in time?
Well, its not practically possible,but on a theoretical level, the answer is- with the help of a Black Hole.

A black hole is a not actually a hole. It is a small point in space with intense gravitational pull. It is formed when a large star, many times larger than the sun (the sun itself is 1.5 lakh times larger than earth), dies. The whole mass of the star then folds within itself into one ultra high density ball which is then called as ‘the black hole.

g = Gm/r^2

Where ‘g’ is the gravity exerted by the object, ‘G’ the universal gravitational constant, ‘m’ the mass of the object and ‘r’ its radius. Since the black hole has infinitely large mass but small diameter, the gravity goes to infinity. This infinitely large gravity doesnt even let light (whose photons have practically zero mass) escape out of it.


So when we are under the influence of a black hole, but not absorbed into it, (only possible in theory), we are subjected to a considerably reduced causality. Thus OUR time slows down, since it is flowing along with us. But the time in the normal scenario is flowing normally, so when you come outside the effect of a black hole, ergo you are in the future.

Know now that time is also a dimension along with the three dimensions that we see and perceive. The fourth dimension. So if you connect the dots of your self in different timelines in the dimension called time, you get a line segment. Since, theoretically you can flow back and forth in time using a black hole, the people in this universe can see different points on your line segment (your timeline) at any instant. This means that you are not a point in the line segment. You ARE the line segment actually.

So forget the stupid clock and its tick tock
Forget your calender
Forget the sun and the moon and all those primitive talks
In your own world, you wander
Kill the ‘so called’ Dictators of Time
How much you experience,
Thats how long you live.

So feel more, live more!!

P.S: I thought of writing about the time lapses between our dreams and the real world. But since there are many things to talk about it and this post will be getting much longer if I add them, I am gonna write it as a separate article.


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